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Academic Foundations English: Getting Help

This Guide contains general information about the Academic Foundations English program at Hudson County Community College

Where to Go for Help

HCCC has several options for students who need help with reading and writing. We recommend you use one or all of these methods.

Faculty Office Hours

Your professor will have listed his/her office hours and office location on your course syllabus. (If you're not sure, ask your professor what his/her office hours are.) This is a time set aside just for students. It's a great way to get one-on-one time with your professor and ask any questions you have. You can also bring an assignment that you're having trouble with and get further explanation and help.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a place to get help with both writing and reading. Students don't need to make an appointment; you can just walk in, and if someone's available to help, he/she will.

The Writing Center is a great place to talk about assignments with someone. Assignments can be at just about any stage in the process, even near the beginning. Even if you've finished an assignment and are ready to turn it in, it's a good idea to run to the WC and have another pair of eyes take a look at it. (Note: Tutors in the Writing Center will not edit your paper for you. They will, however, guide you through the editing process and help with anything you may have missed.)

The HCCC Writing Center is located the J Building (2 Enos Place), room J204 on our main campus. On the North Hudson campus, the Writing and Tutorial Centers are in room N5111.

The Tutorial Center

In the Tutorial Center, students can get help with just about any subject, including writing assignments. There are dedicated tutors available to help and support you. Tutors will not do the work for you, but they'll be there to help you along the way. Students need to register for tutoring before making an appointment. They can do so online or by stopping into any of the Tutorial Centers. Student must make an appointment to get help in the Tutorial Center.

The HCCC Tutorial Services Center is located the B Building (25 Journal Square), rooms B312 and B317 on our main campus. On the North Hudson campus, the Writing and Tutorial Centers are in room N5111.

The Writing and Tutorial Centers also offer free workshops on various topics, including help preparing for final exams in AF English! A schedule is posted on the website.

For schedules, contact and other information, go to the ADJ Tutoring and Writing Center Portal page.

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