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Academic Foundations English: Courses

This Guide contains general information about the Academic Foundations English program at Hudson County Community College

AF English Courses

Academic Foundations English offers 4 levels of courses - ENG/RDG 070, ENG/RDG 071, ENG/RDG 072, and ENG/RDG 073. RDG 074 is offered as a companion course to ENG/RDG 070, and RDG 075 is the companion course to ENG/RDG 071. Finally, there are 2 top-level courses-- ENG 091 and RDG 076, which are offered for students who test out of reading or writing, respectively, when first entering HCCC.

Although there are 4 levels, students who test into one of the lower levels do not necessarily have to complete all 4 in order to move to ENG-101. Our courses are designed so that students can "exit" to college level from any of the courses, depending on how much progress they make over the course of the semester. Likewise, students may skip levels if they've made progress, but are not quite ready for College Composition. At the end of the semester, placement is based on 3 factors: a portfolio of student work, a reading exam, and a writing exam. The combination of these 3 scores determines which level a student will take in the next semester.