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Academic Foundations English: ENG/RDG-071 & RDG-075

This Guide contains general information about the Academic Foundations English program at Hudson County Community College

Course Syllabi and Materials

Below are syllabi and course materials for ENG/RDG-071 and RDG-075 for the Fall 2013 Semester.

Course Descriptions


Basic English I (ENG 071/RDG 071) is a six-credit course for students who need to develop reading and writing skills before attempting college-level coursework. Students are assisted in comprehending, summarizing, analyzing, and evaluating assigned readings. They are guided through the writing process and practice such pre-writing activities as freewriting, brainstorming, and outlining. They learn the principles of paragraph structure and development and strategies for editing, and they review essential grammar (sentence structure and boundaries, verb forms, possessive forms and pronoun use).


This course focuses on analytical reading skills.  Students are taught to identify logical patters of thought in formal written and spoken language.  Practice is provided in reading comprehension, of both visual images and written texts; analyzing texts, understanding analogies and comparisons, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. Instruction is provided by lecture, reading and active participation with a variety of readings of non-fiction, fiction and poetry.  A  textbook which provides practical guidance on reading strategies enhances and deepens the insights student arrive upon as they read over the semester.   This course teaches students to form a general understanding, develop interpretations, make reader/text connections and examine content and structure.