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Academic Foundations English: ENG-091 & RDG-076

This Guide contains general information about the Academic Foundations English program at Hudson County Community College

Course Descriptions


English Foundations (ENG 091) is a three-credit course for students needing to develop the fundamental skills of composition before attempting a full college-level schedule. Writing and study skills are developed through the numerous writing assignments given during the semester. Students are guided through the writing process and develop strategies for revising and editing their work. They learn the principles of paragraph structure and review essential grammar.  Lectures and discussions can be supplemented by other class activities including in-class writing, group activities, quizzes, practice testing and word-processing practice.

Students entering ENG 091 are expected to have knowledge of composition and grammar skills equivalent to a level two writing course and have been placed in this class after taking the HCCC admissions test or the Academic Foundation Writing Placement Exam.

At the completion of the semester, students will take the AF Placement Exam in writing.


Focuses on critical thinking and reading skills in order to prepare students for college-level classes.  Students learn to identify logical patterns and oral discourse, as well as constraints on logical thinking.  Students study analogies, syllogisms, fallacies, propaganda and advertisements to learn how thought can be altered and logic manipulated for specific purposes.