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Honors Program @HCCC


Every semester, Hudson County Community College offers classes that only a select group of high achieving, hard-working, dedicated student are eligible to enroll in it. Due to your GPA and obvious commitment to academic excellence, you are here with us today. For this, we are very proud of you. You made a valuable and important decision when you signed up for Honors classes.

Honors at Hudson County Community College offers opportunities for intellectual engagement (honors courses), the opportunity for social engagement with like-minded individuals (honors events, activities, and trips) as well as opportunities to serve you communities. This experience will help you to be the well-rounded person that will be in high demand wherever you go.

Take advantage of all the opportunities HCCC has to offer you. From our Honors Meet and Greet to the writing/research support workshops, we have a great semester planned for you.

Feel free to reach out to me with any concerns throughout the semester and be sure to Like Us on Facebook where we will post updates and reminders.


Professor Decena-White
Honors Proram Coordinator
Hundson County Community College
English and Humanities Department
25 Journal Square – Office B305
Jersey City, NJ 07306