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Finding and Using Images in Presentations and Papers: Overview

Resources, strategies and tools for finding and using images in your presentations and papers.

How to use this guide

Using images can greatly enhance your research, poster, or presentation.  However it can be confusing to know exactly where to find images and if you need permission to legally use it.  This guide has been designed as a starting point for finding and using images in research.  It is a starting point to understand basic resources available to help find images using websites and library databases.

How to safely use images for class projects

Here are a few options we recommend:

Limit distribution

If you are worried about violating copyright try to work within a medium that allows you to limit access to the images you selected.  Only allow the students in your class to view your project and at the end of class consider unpublishing the work until you are able to ensure copyright compliance for all images. This is required for any project using ARTstor images.

Use Creative Commons images

Many image creators offer a Creative Commons license that will allow individuals to reuse their work for noncommercial work as long as a note of attribution is given that leads viewers to the original creator. Note: there are difference licenses so be sure that you understand the terms of the license for the image you select.  Also, in an educational environment there are instances in which a use may be for commercial purposes.

Create your own images

Be creative and create your own images.  Then add them to an image collections and assign your own Creative Commons license.

Use share image option

Some tools will allow you to share an image onto a social media platform like Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.  Consider using one of these platforms to create and display your project.  Then rather than downloading images, use the share option to add the link to your page and insert comments about the image. The Google Art Project lets users create image collections to share for educational purposes.

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